A lot has been said and many debates have risen around with the question of if Alexandria’s genesis really exists or not. To many, it will occur as if this medical condition is just one of those numerous urban legends because no person exhibiting the disorder has been found today, in as far as the scientists are concerned or are aware. Seemingly possible, this disorder might have existed before in history or it exists today, which leaves much questions and speculations.

Also known as violet eyes, Alexandria’s genesis is a change in a person’s genetics that triggers the eyes of the individual to change from being blue or gray in color to become purple. This condition is experienced for almost six months after the individual is born. When the person gets into the puberty stage, the color of their eyes is said to become more deep into violet-blue or royal blue. It will have this dark purple color but the condition will not affect the individual’s ability to see. People with this condition are reported not to have their pubic, body, facial or anal hair. They only have hair on top of their heads, eyebrows, noses, ears and eyelashes. Women with this condition, as it has been said by some scientists, do not menstruate but are fertile.

Other sources state that this disorder can bring a number of symptoms such as a white shimmering skin which is immune to tanning or burning. This mutation is carried by women and it often affects ones who have blue or black hair. Some people say that those who have the disorder can live to almost 150 years and they stop aging once they reach 50. This disorder makes them not to gain weight regardless of the type of food they eat and how much they eat and they possess immunity to almost all diseases which enables them not to be ill often. Interracial children can get this disorder once they receive it from multiple genes but it has been claimed to affect Caucasians more.

The original legend traces its way back to over 1000 years in Egypt. A mysterious lightening is said to have flashed out in the sky and everybody who went to see it had their skin change into a pale color and their eyes became purple. The people who got the disorder were began to be referred to as spirits. They later moved to the north and it is from there they disappeared. This story gives the first account of the disorder being recorded in 1329 in England. A new born baby was born and she had purple eyes. The Child’s name was Alexandria. She later gave birth to female children and they all had the disorder. They all lived to over 100 years. In the 1960’s, the generic component that brings this condition was discovered.

The only way to develop purple eyes, as many have said, is from this disorder. This claim that there are people with Alexandria’s Genesis has been there for a long time that makes it a possible truth. There are cganges that causes children to live a very short life because they age quickly and for that fact it is possible that there is a disorder that can cause people to live for long without aging. Some races in the world have an immune system that functions highly and it may be possible that some of them have mutations that causes them not to be sick. Furthermore, there are people with very high metabolism and eat a lot of food but they do not gain weight. They also have eyesight that are above average.

Much as the above mentioned conditions exist, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove the same. For example, there is a possibility that a variation in a gene can bring about purples eyes or light skin and it enables people to not to be sick and live long but there is no evidence that the condition is there today. No one has been reported to have the condition.
The existing traits of Alexandria’s genes are so widespread that they cannot form a single gene, this means they must come from numerous genes that are not related. Other traits which are associated with this condition are impossible physiologically.

For example:
a. A light skin that can resist burns is not possible. This is because melanin, which protects skin, causes it to be darker.
b. A person cannot stay without producing waste products or they might die from a build up of toxins in the body.
c. The longest period that a person has lived today is a little past 122 years. W have not had a case of anybody living past 150 years.

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