Tooway™ Broadband
Fast Internet, Free Calls, HD TV and more...

No more waiting - choose the UK's leading Tooway supplier to get you connected - FAST!

You don't need to suffer a poor internet connection because of a lacklustre landline, or rely on patchy mobile 3G coverage just to browse. Now Tooway™ satellite broadband delivers everything you need.

Whether it's watching online videos, surfing the web, emailing or downloading music, Tooway™ delivers a service that sweeps away the frustration of a slow or unreliable ADSL connection. Wherever you live, our always on, internet everywhere Tooway™ Broadband service is the answer. With a choice of 6Mb, 8Mb or 10Mb packages, there is a package that's right for you.

Affordable Packages from just £24.95

We offer Tooway™ Broadband in four straightforward packages from just £24.95 a month, giving you the choice of download and upload speeds and data usage that suits you. We are also unique because we give you the choice to buy your hardware outright upfront or pay a small monthly rental charge with your monthly subscription. And if you need some more data, you can add a data booster at anytime.

No Telephone line needed - save £100 a year?

With Tooway™ Broadband, you are connected via satellite. If you have a mobile as well as a landline, you can save money by cancelling your landline. You could save over £100 a year on standard BT line rental charges.

Reliable High Speed

Using satellite for your broadband means that you get what you pay for. Unlike ADSL where the average download speed for "up to" 20/24Mbps services is just 7.2Mbps (Ofcom March 2011), satellite gives you a much more reliable service. With our Tooway 6 service, you will get average speeds better than many customers paying for 20/24Mbps ADSL connections.

Free Phone calls - even more savings every month

With fast and reliable internet, telephone calls over the internet are easy (often called Voice over IP or "VoIP" for short). Use one of the common (and free) software packages like Skype or Apple's Facetime and you could be making calls to other users for free. Now save money on your calls as well.

High Definition TV - 150 digital channels - free

Get over 150 digital TV and radio channels for Free including HD channels for BBC, ITV and Channel 4. A one off cost of £99.99 gets you FreeSat installed at the same time as your Tooway installation combined on same dish. You only need one dish for your Broadband and TV - if you already have a satellite dish for TV, we can even remove it for you (additional charges apply).


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