Getting rid of acne

Dermatology names of black face is whiteheads. These stoppers made of hair follicles milk, fat, skin cells and bacteria. Yellowish but comedone‘s head appears on the skin went black as a result of oxidation of melanin - a substance in skin cells. Black cap does not raise inflammation because the channel which is not quite intractable. If the channel completely obscure, it is comedone white, develops and purulent inflammatory lesion.

Are you leaving white black dots inside, is not a pathological problem but aesthetic. The smell of black face is not moving as well as their appearance. The emergence density on your face creates a dirty look. Oily and dull aesthetic. Therefore it is customary and desirable to take them out.

Many people spend instinctively black inside out they click on either side of the comedone until his departure out corpuscles Old Yeller calls. The problem is that many are doing it wrong and that causes irreversible damage to facial skin such as: “holes” in the skin, ugly scars and so on. Therefore, the right is to get them after deep cleaning with a certified professional beautician, para-medical specializes in treating skin ance. It also recommended as beautician knows them out carefully, thoroughly, sterile environment, the perfect cleaning of the face and hands and skin softening exfoliation with steam or without this will cause red marks and scars.
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Is it possible to get rid of whiteheads?

The best way now to prevent the phenomenon and eliminate the black is with treatment technology IPL - a ray of light therapy destroys selectively bacterial acne P.ACNE and dries the sebum, fat it takes place in bacteria and affect the incidence of black in the face. Treatment Effective and efficient over time.

Treatment prevents the need to use drugs and without any side effects. The results showed that in many cases the treatment was successful IPL technology - a ray of light, the treatment reduced the suffering, healing wounds, skin smoothed and prevented scars and stains over time.

Studies show that using a beam of light of a specific wavelength can be reduced by 80 percent in some cases more acne lesions, black, fat, sores, pimples and boils and spots. Skin

Combined with cosmetic treatment / daily household cleaning prevents blacks and unique nutritional supplements.

Treatment approved by the US FDA Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health, European CE BSI British Standards Institute and the Israel Standards Institute. Rigorously tested and proven not harmful to health.

The bacteria - P. acnes act milk follicles, cause the disintegration of milk free fatty acids and inflammation around the follicle, creating areas festering deep or superficial level. The final process is dependent on the severity of individual sensitivity bacteria. Without proper professional intervention, may result in scarring process difficult.

The principle of operation of the IPL device is introducing a powerful light energy that becomes heat energy is concentrated and focused without damaging the surrounding area. Only the latest generation devices with IPL technology‘s match program for pulsed light skin‘s individual characteristics customer promise and producing results fast and effective treatment for all aesthetic skin problems that can be very significant improvement Acne and acne damage“.

The market also offers integrated preparations such as Venzamitzin and Naumdrol, effective local treatment of lesions. If local treatment does not help, you can treatment with antibiotics and Roaccutane. Require close medical monitoring due to serious adverse events associated Blkihtn,

When treating acne has developed systematic local preparations, a major problem is the therapeutic success. Discontinuation of therapy may result in the return of acne. Indeed, clinical studies point to the fact that more than 40% of patients with acne, acne, teens and adults taking Roaccutane an outbreak of sores appeared after taking the ball.

The complexity of the human body

Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered how we, or rather, our bodies can handle millions of transactions and pieces of information simultaneously All this without having to get confused. One second the body digests food, produce energy, dealing with relatives; However as we, perhaps, talk on the phone and maybe at the same time also think about chores while to deal with the emotion rising as a result of comments were made; Suddenly, perhaps even floating thoughts about the meaning of life; Suddenly the boy’s screams and immediately run well meaning pictures Options   Hand
The perhaps, suddenly the smell of stew, soup burning also raises our consciousness and feelings of irritation. Wow! You thought for a moment how all this is possible?

To allow all this we need intelligence, which has intelligence, IQ, we think of her, but physical intelligence inherent in every cell and in every single one everywhere. Our body is built from different levels of intelligence when all one has its hardware and software that defines the actions and behavior patterns characteristic of her. These intelligences are: life force, emotional, mental and spiritual beliefs and the management complexity of life.

Intelligence life force (chi, prana, LIFE FORCE) is responsible for managing the physical level body responsible for energy production, digestion, breathing, waste disposal, immune system, healing the body and the body organizing the chemical and physical level. This intelligence is run out of our initial nervous system, spinal cord and brainstem and is responsible for the survival of the body on a physical level. This system is in constant communication and responds to environmental stimuli have fractions of a second.

Emotional intelligence is responsible for managing the immediate behavior. Emotion (MOTION = ENERGY IN MOTION), this energy powers the body instantly change our behavior. When the lion in front of us, fear, emotion, this energy motivates us to escape, to change our behavior. Here, too, the emotion, the basic level, is responsible for the survival and administered from the limbic nervous system located above the brainstem and from the immune system and glands of the body. This system also responds to environmental changes and reacts to them in seconds to a few minutes. When the emotional system is restrained by the mental body will shrink the system to prevent its expression.

Mental intelligence is divided into two levels: low and high. The first is responsible for managing daily life, the ability to focus on events, space and time and language. This intelligence is managed from Htlamit nervous system located above the emotional brain and part of the cortex. Duty to restrain our response to emotional energy and does this by shooting, freezing, events in time and space, thus, making them L”mmshiim and continues to animate these pictures for days, weeks and months. In addition, holding events in stories and beliefs to ensure behavior inappropriate”. Answers to the questions: When? Where? What?

Higher mental intelligence responsible for creating maps, and patterns of life and the possible role of a conscious response to events based on the basis of our perception of life. Generate role models and question and find links and answers to questions: Why? And how? This intelligence is managed from two cortex and can restrain the lower mental intelligence and emotional well of course. When the models, when maps are living in doubt, the models become ‘realityand thereby sever us from the realities of life.

Emotional intelligence (SOUL) is responsible for the ability to express ourselves in the most authentic life noticeably. An authentic expression of the spirit of giving, love, compassion, peace and gratitude. This intelligence is managed from the heart and from the most advanced human brain neo-Courtkst and answers questions like: How can I give? Be authentic?

Mind, is not governed by low intelligence, mental, on the contrary, serve him. It is not under the authority of the religious and cultural laws nationalities, but running out of common humanity.

All intelligences, life, emotional, mental and soul exist in every cell of about 100 trillion cells in our bodies. The difference between each one derives from the fact that we are all equal in utilizing intelligences, resources, these, it’s like an inborn talent. Our focus should be that we are good at intelligence and stop struggling to improve what we as good.

That we know who we are, authentic, and how we built the fight stopped and we accept ourselves. When the orchestra played not by character, not at the right pace it creates tension, irritability, restlessness. But as musicians, all intelligences, work in harmony coherency created peace. Conductor, maestro of an orchestra life, this heart. If we listen to the heart of all our body cells will synchronize the music of the heart.

Currently there is a very innovative device called HEART TUNNER, used B”sgib Chiropractic , capable of reading the coherence of the heart. Through practice in front of the device can improve our ability to be more attentive and aware of the situation as a conductor on the heart of our being, and thus improve the health and Mitbiotino life.

Revolutionary chiropractic therapy recently developed allows the release of tension from the spinal cord. Treatment method NETWORK SPINAL ANALYSIS NSA - Stopped The defensive behavior and enables effective functional brain patterns and more relaxed. The treatment is performed using a delicate touch and precise strategic points in the spinal cord.